Get ready to step in front of your business.

Get ready to step in front of your business.

Start sharing your knowledge and stop spinning your wheels on social media.
Build a community of raving fans that come to you for whatever it is that you do. I promise you're closer than you think.


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What if you could post one video, that highlights what you do and how you do it?

A video that not only builds your credibility but also helps you show up better in Google? Heck, a video that brings in new sales, leads and subscribers?

This isn't a dream I'm describing, but rather a reality - when you focus on creating valuable *aka helpful* video content.

And best of all, with videos you don't have to be a stellar wordsmith. You just have to speak into the camera.

Videos are taking over the internet

All set to get filming?

"I loved the video education I got, but I was thrilled with the other little tidbits I got as well. She gave me great feedback on potential clients' general content strategies, why they're not working, and how I could make them better, which was very helpful."

— Victoria G.

"I got a lot of great video tips but she was also so knowledgeable about social media and personal branding. "

The first time I set up my camera to film, I not only made sure I was alone at home (so I wouldn't get caught by my roommates), I also felt nervous speaking into a black lens. I wish I could have had someone back then, guiding me through the process and cheering me on as I started sharing my videos.

I could barely speak into the camera, I was so overwhelmed.

And I realized that i would have jumped into creating videos a lot sooner...

...If i had a positive community to turn to!

It didn't happen overnight...

A 6-week coaching intensive, that's part group mastermind and part 1:1 coaching. Get customized critique, feedback and guidance on your individual situation as well as weekly teaching points to move your videos ahead.

say hello to this...

Video Group Program

Learn my video workflow, how to batch film, and you'll be producing videos in record time. No more staring at the stars, wondering how you'll structure your video. I'll share my proven framework that not only saves you time filming, but also positions you as an industry expert.

Part of filming a video is knowing what to say and how to say it. We'll get crystal clear on your messaging - and business goals - so that you can speak your story with confidence.

Here's What You'll Learn

5-step video process

create with clarity

swipe my

align your goals

You've got your camera all ready to film, but now what? Learn the simple tech and tools to make your video look and sound professional. I'm a firm believer in starting with what you have and with a few tips, you'll be on your way to video magic.

Video Tools & Tips

Learn the

A big (unspoken) part of creating videos is knowing how to share them! This is where we'll dive into some nerdy Search Engine Optimization, video thumbnails, as well as how to repurpose your videos across different channels of your business.

Promote & Reshare



Create videos that position you as an industry expert

How does this sound?

Grow your online footprint without posting on social media 24/7



this program will help you:

Attract more ideal clients and build a real connection with your audience.


Film videos with confidence, kicking that imposter feeling to the curb. 


Build a video plan that works for your business


How It Works

In the first call we're going to focus on a goal that you can accomplish in 6 weeks.

decide on a goal

Each week we'll discuss your progress and leave with your next best step, ready to take action.

group calls

Weekly check-ins and Voxer access will keep you on track between coaching calls.


"Clarity comes from action, not thought.

— Marie Forleo

"Her knowledge, her patience, her insights are just a few of the qualities that made her the right choice for me. She always knew the necessary next step and held my hand as I was taking that step."

— Martina F.

"I realized that with the right teacher anything can be learned."



"I left with easy to implement next steps and several video content ideas. Victoria pointed me in the right direction with tools for editing videos and sharing tutorials. I left feeling confident, eager and focused about how to get started. Victoria met me where I was at and personalized my session based on my novice video skills, but strong desire to learn."

- Faith B.

"I got a better understanding of how video could be incorporated into my business"



"I'm excited to confidently be able to present a clear-cut plan of action to my client after talking with Victoria and learning that YouTube isn't nearly as complicated as I thought."

- VIctoria G.

"A great investment and something I would highly recommend."



I'm Victoria, you're video coach.

I've had the pleasure of working with small business owners from all industries, helping them film their first video, launch their Youtube channel and translate their zone of genius on camera.

more about me

hey friend!

Focus on what matters...

I'd been blogging away 3 times a week, using social media to promote posts, and spinning my wheels trying to establish momentum. I was spending so much time writing and posting images that barely got me anywhere.

While I loved creating blog posts, I didn't feel like it connected me to the people reading it - and that's when I decided to upload my first video.

As soon as I hit publish on Youtube, I got such a positive response that I knew this was it. My video engagement was far higher than on my blog, including comments, views and click-through rates.

and I'M NOT A NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK -  THese are legit results that you can experience too!

less is sometimes more

Is This Right For You?

You need to get your first video out

You're overwhelmed by the video process

YOu WANT videos to work for you

You're so tired of writing captions

you're ready to speak into the camera

Knowledge isn't power. Applied knowledge is.

This program will be 6 weeks of hands on coaching and accountability. We're going to dive into the nitty gritty of video creation, online promotion and build a video blueprint that works for you. Roll up your sleeves and let's get to it.

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