Speaking about video is my jam!

We’ve all been to that one conference session…filled with big fluffy information…and it was kind of interesting and the speaker was nice…

But you left the event, not really knowing how to implement things in YOUR business?!

I for one, have been one of these attendees…

That’s why I believe in giving you actionable tips and strategies to implement in your business TODAY.

Real, practical things you can do to start creating video content. Nothing fires me up more than speaking about the power of video, how it connects people and businesses AND how it relates to your sales and marketing strategy.

Want me to host a workshop in your city? Or speak at your next event?

Please use the form below to request a presentation outline or email me at victoria@victorialevitan.com

Past Speaking

The Rising Tide Society
Tuesday’s Together Alexandria/DC Meeting
June 11, 2019
How To Use Video Marketing In Your Creative Business