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A clear system to plan and film 5 videos in a weekend.


What if you knew exactly how to plan and batch film your videos so that you could show up consistently?

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I have a feeling you're here because:

You're a fan of creating videos to drive customers

But who's got the time to actually create and film? You've heard of this mystical word "batching" - but how do you do that? What does that look like?

You love the idea of knocking out a month of content in just one weekend

And you crave a roadmap that works for your busy schedule.

You WANT to film consistently, if only you had a plan

Turning the camera on is easy. Figuring out how to batch your videos so you can work ahead of your calendar? Not so much.

You wonder when exactly you'll upload your next video

You wish you had a system in place that tells you what to do -  and that you can rinse and repeat each month.

There are a million video topics to choose from

Decision fatigue is real. How do you know which one to film first? And should there be an order in which you start sharing them with your audience?

Know exactly what to film and feel confident in your plan

You've heard of batching videos  -- and with a step-by-step plan, you know you could do it too!

Have a scheduled filming day that makes you feel excited about it



It's possible to...

Record a month worth of videos in one weekend


Focus on video topics that move your business forward 


Be ahead of your content calendar *for real this time*


A rinse and repeat batch-filming system that shows you how to plan and record videos that fit into YOUR schedule.

Save your spot

Introducing Videos In The Bank



A 3-part system that will help you plan and execute your video calendar




Map out videos that align with your goals so you know exactly where you're going.

No more random ideas floating around in your head.

Get specific so you know what to talk about on camera.


Stop wondering when you'll get your videos filmed.

Make an appointment with yourself and break down the parts you need to film for each video.


Prepare your video script so you can record with confidence.

Use your video plan to keep you on schedule and batch your videos so you've got 'em in the bank.

Press Record

“I have a great idea on what I need to do, where I can take my channel, and feel like I have all the tools I need to make my videos successful.”

- Molly C.

90 minute Live Training + chance to ask me questions

Workbook to plan your videos and copy my workflow

Replay access so you can re-watch anytime

Plan out your videos so you know exactly what to film come batch-day

Learn how to fit videos into your schedule - and mark it accordingly

Use my batch-filming method to be more efficient

You get all of this for only...



I want in

What you get inside Videos In The Bank

You will walk away with a realistic system to plan and film 5 videos in a weekend!

I'm Victoria Levitan

I've filmed 100's of videos all by myself since 2016. I uploaded my first Youtube video that September and haven't stopped recording since.

As a Youtube video coach, I'll show you how to plan out your videos, fit them into your busy schedule and teach you my batch-filming method.

hey you!

What happens after I sign up for the training?

You'll receive a purchase confirmation and a separate email from me with the Zoom meeting link!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you show me how to plan out my own video calendar?

Yep! I walk you through each step of the planning process so that you can start batch filming your videos.

What do I need to bring to the training?

I'd recommend having your digital or physical planner next to you, as well as a notebook to keep track of your video ideas.

What's your refund policy?

When you purchase Videos In The Bank, you gain access to the live training, replay and workbook. Since there's no way to return a digital product, no refunds will be issued.

When is the live training? What if I can't make it?

The live training is April 28, 2021 at 12 pm EST. Replay access will be sent out afterwards so you can rewatch anytime!

Batch-filming sounds great - but is it realistic though?

I didn't think batch-filming was possible until I figured out a flexible system that adapts to my schedule. So yes, you have what it takes to batch-film!

Videos in the Bank

A clear system to plan and film 5 videos in a weekend.

Click below to grab your spot and join the live training on April 28 2021 at 12pm EST.

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