You know your stuff.

You believe in the work you do and the clients you serve. You just want to help people with your experience and knowledge.

That’s basically why you started your business in the first place!

You’re a small *but mighty* business owner with lots of content zooming through the interweb, posting on all sorts of platforms.

Do you ever wonder how it would feel, if you could just create one video that explains it all...

...instead of diluting posts across social media 5 times a week?

Well then my friend, you’re in the right spot.

'Cause that’s where I  come in.

Then one hot summer day, I had this big aha-moment...

I’m Victoria, and I work with small business owners who want to publish videos that speak into the minds of their ideal client. I shine a light on your whole business and build a custom video blueprint that fits into your life. 

With my high attention to detail, critical thinking and content creator experience, I help business owners like you create meaningful video content.

With 4+ years of video marketing experience and investing thousands of dollars in my continued education (...what can I say, I love to learn!), I’ve garnered over 250’000 views on my own videos.

It all started with my love for beauty products in 2015. I started my blog Viciloves because I was too scared to go on camera. A year of blogging went by and I mustered up enough confidence to post my first video: "My skincare routine".

I immediately got a far greater response on my videos than I had in the 1 year of blogging. Not only did I get better engagement, as soon as I saw the $ signs go up, I knew I was on to something.

Living in the Washington D.C. area, I kept filming my own Youtube videos - and occasionally thought of local businesses who'd benefit from being on Youtube.


Quality over quantity, getting straight to the point, eating dessert every day, having integrity and being kind

Where I've lived

Proudly born and raised in Switzerland, Las Vegas for university and now Alexandria, Virginia with my husband


Yelling at...I mean watching Sunday NFL Football, enjoying my backyard oasis, researching new book releases

daily rituals

Morning reading time, neighborhood walk, podcast listening, thinking about what's for dinner 

What if I could teach them how to use Youtube and video content to their advantage? I didn't see anyone else doing it and I knew I could help position themselves better online.

Fast forward to today and I'm obsessed with crafting video strategies that convert.
I want to help you film videos that cultivate human connection and stand out with ease.

Let's put on a fresh pot of coffee and get crackin' on your video journey.

I'm glad you're here,





the office - my 10th time?

a nespresso...or two!

the pumpkin plan

wood-oven pizza napoli



to armchair expert Podcast

My Favorite Things

Zurich — my home sweet home! It's where I grew up and try to visit my family and friends every year.

my happy place!

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Virginia wine country! It's a short drive to some amazing views and tasty wine.

Breakfast at Sprüngli! It's a Swiss Confiserie & Café, and I always order their berry birchermüsli with freshly squeezed orange juice and a cappuccino. It's heaven on earth.

My Favorite Things

Dogs — I had my sweet Cocker Spaniel Daisy for 4 years and she was the biggest joy to be around. Team dogs all the way.

what started it all

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Beauty products! This is what got me started with my Viciloves blog and Youtube Channel.

Books — I love putting my phone down and immersing myself in a new story. There's no greater feeling than picking up a new release at my local indie bookstore. And you bet I love the smell of books ;)

This      That





Pina colada











Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 

“She always knew the necessary next step and held my hand as I was taking that step.”


so they say:

Podcast Interviews

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Tune in as I sit down with Avani and dish out my favorite video tips. We discuss why video is so critical to building your business and how you can use it to connect with your audience.

6 - Figure Freelancer Podcast



Good Advice Podcast

Join me and my friend Blake as I share how I got started filming Youtube videos and discovered my own business niche. We discuss how to create meaningful video content that delivers results in your business.

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Gone are the days of staring at the internet, wondering how you'll stand out among the many.

It's time to grab your camera and press the record button with confidence.

What If:

You upload videos that directly speak to your target audience, and explain exactly what you do and how you do it.