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Video VIP Day

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Whether you're looking to advance your Youtube channel, need help structuring your online course videos for your next launch, or want higher member retention in your online video membership, we deep dive into your existing content, messaging, positioning, SEO, and business offerings to create your marketing game plan.

You walk away with 3+ months of content mapped out, video script outlines, SEO keywords, customized video tutorials + resources, follow-up support + a clear marketing strategy that *actually* works for your business.

Get the personalized video marketing plan you've been waiting for. 


Entrepreneurs who want to fast-track their video goals, know exactly what they sell in their business, want 1:1 attention and a comprehensive plan to take their videos - and business - to the next level.

Work With Me

No Nonsense. Fast Results.

Video Accelerator


I coach you through my 5-step video blueprint, teach you the tools and strategies to create + promote your own videos, and, most importantly:

Get weekly feedback and critiques on your work and be in a small group environment (<10) among like-minded entrepreneurs.

When you’re ready to dust off the camera, cut out the noise (and excuses) and get to work on YOUR video goals.


Entrepreneurs who want 6 weeks of guided support and accountability to make progress on their video goals, weekly group coaching calls, on demand video trainings &  personalized feedback.

Money-Making Video Intensive

Book your 90-minute intensive

In this 90 minute intensive we uncover what's holding your videos back from bringing more money into your business.


You feel like something is standing in your way of creating profitable videos for your business - and you want to figure this out, once and for all, like... yesterday. 😬

Whether that's technical things like your Youtube channel settings, titles and thumbnails, SEO, what you say on camera, your promotion strategy - or maybe your mindset is playing tricks on you! We audit and examine what's working - and NOT working for you.

You'll leave this intensive with clear next steps, my favorite video resources resources + 3 long-term strategies to make more money from your videos.

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