It's a Youtube Channel, but really - it's a small biz chat.

Grab a notebook, your favorite pen (you know, the one you turn your bag upside down for) and let's talk about Youtube, video marketing, and a sprinkling of business tips.

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Does Youtube sound like a foreign language to you? Or do you have a channel and wish you could do more with it? Fear no more because I got you, friend. Dive into specific episodes to help your Youtube journey.

Youtube Tips & Tricks

Marketing Strategy

Can we make each other a promise? Let's not waste our time creating things that don't serve your business. While videos are my jam, they're really a piece of a larger puzzle - and that's your whole marketing game plan! So let's chat about it.

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Business Advice

How should I phrase this without saying: "Learn from my mistakes?" Jokes aside, I got into the marketing world 7 years ago and have picked up lots of nuggets along the way. I'm here to share 'em all with you! 


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How often Should You Upload To Youtube?

How to Confidently Talk into the Camera

"Should I be on Youtube?!" What you don't know...

5 Tips for Getting Started on Youtube

The 3 types of Videos You Need for Your Channel


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I help you stand out with videos, in a sea of never-ending feed posts.

I've been fortunate to work with small business owners from all industries, helping them film their first video, launch their Youtube channel and translate their zone of genius on camera.

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video coach & business strategist

I'm Victoria

Steal My Youtube Video Checklist

I initially wrote this for myself so I could create a repeatable system - and now I'm sharing it with you! No matter what video you film, use this handy checklist to keep your process in check.


Video Checklist