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3 Tips On How To Get More Views on Youtube

August 4, 2021


I'm a video coach for small business owners and light up anytime I hear the word Youtube. Strategy is my superpower and I'm here to share all my nerdy insights with you!


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When it comes to analyzing the success of your video, views aren’t as important as your watch time. But we still want to get a good amount of views on your video. After all, we need people to watch and get to know you! So, what’s the secret sauce to increasing those views on your Youtube videos? Stay tuned because in this post I’ve got 3 tips on how to get more views on Youtube.

Rather watch that read? Head on over to my Youtube channel where I share the top 3 ways to increase your video views!

1. Promote your video, again

This is actually one of the most overlooked ways to increase those views! This is especially true when you’re first starting out with videos because you have this expectation that everyone is going to flock to your channel. Unfortunately, that is simply not the case. 

The main reason? People are busy! And it’s nothing personal against you.

The best thing you can do is get in the habit of sharing your videos over and over again.

There have been many times where I’ve forgotten something and I appreciate it when I get another reminder! There was actually a study conducted a while back that said that in sales, a customer needs to hear something seven times – yes, 7 times – before they will actually click and make a purchase. 

And in my mind, the same thing applies to video! Promote each of your videos several times – mention it in your Insta Stories, in your feed, newsletters, Facebook, etc. Make your audience recognize, “Oh, there’s a new video out this week. I might have to check it out!”  

The best part? It doesn’t really matter if your video is brand new or if it’s been up for a while – any video that you think deserves more love you can promote again. Especially if it’s an evergreen topic that’s always going to stay relevant.

2. Change the video thumbnail or title

If you’re noticing a video that’s not performing well, go ahead and switch out the thumbnail image, or adjust the title! I’ve done this a couple of times myself, either because I’ve thought of a better title or captivating image. Sometimes it’s worth changing those details because you can come up with a better way of explaining what the video is about.

Remember to get creative! This is an area you can definitely play around with and is one of the many reasons that I love creating videos for Youtube. You can really mold and shape your content, even after it’s been live for weeks on end (take that, Instagram algorithm). 

Bottom line: Youtube lets you react and change things in real time.

3. Hold your ground!

Think of Youtube like a marathon platform 🏃🏽‍♀️. Although the first couple of days are important in gaining traction on the platform, Youtube still delivers and grows your viewership over time. In fact, some of my most successful Youtube videos gained significant views over a year of being on the platform!

This may not be the most comforting thing to hear when you’re struggling with views right now, but I promise – if you hold your ground and keep uploading videos to Youtube, your channel will continue with its momentum and it will start working for you. Keep those keywords, thumbnails, and titles in mind. And don’t forget to promote your videos again and again!

I do think it’s also important to note that you should never measure the success of your videos based on views alone. Our end goal here is to ultimately convert viewers into customers, right? So if 10 people watch your videos, and those 10 people want to work with you, then that video was a bigger success than a larger viewership with little to no customer conversions.

I say this because this is something I had to personally overcome when I started my Victoria Levitan channel. Being in the Youtube and video marketing space, I was initially worried about how other people would perceive me if I didn’t get a ton of views on my own videos.

But then I reminded myself why I started my business in the first place — which is to coach and empower small business owners with their video strategy.

If I get 10 small business owners to watch my video, and they leave with a few new tips on how they can use Youtube or video in their business, that means everything to me.

Would I turn down more views on my video if given the chance? Of course not – but if I can truly impact one viewer with my video, then I know I’ve done my job.


If this content spoke to you, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. And if you want more weekly tips, head on over to my Youtube channel and hit subscribe because I put out a brand new video every week!

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