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How to talk about yourself (especially if you’re an introvert)

August 19, 2021


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One of the biggest challenges I’ve had to overcome in running my own business is getting over that uncomfortable feeling of talking about myself. The truth is though, you have to be able to talk about what you offer, why you’re different, and what you can do for your audience – whether on video or in real life.

It took me years to be comfortable talking about myself and my offers, because I didn’t want to feel boastful. If you’re an introvert, this can be an especially challenging thing to overcome, because: 

  • You don’t like to show off 
  • You feel like you’re bothering people
  • You start thinking of that “sleazy car salesman” and it instantly makes you cringe

I’m proud to say that I’ve come a long way since then, mainly because I always keep these critical reminders in my back pocket 👇🏼

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Reminder #1: If you’re not going to talk about yourself…no one else will 

I don’t think I’ve ever shared this, but there have been moments in my business where I wish I could have hired someone to talk about my own business! The reality is though, you are your business and you owe it to yourself to continuously remind yourself to talk about the things that you offer and how you can help your customers. It’s really up to YOU to build up that brand awareness. 

The good news is that you can find a balance – although the online entrepreneur industry is a place where you always have to talk about yourself and show what you’re doing, remember that you’re also serving your audience.

Talking about you offer is really crucial to the longevity of your business…because again, if you are not going to talk about it, no one will know how to work with you!

Reminder #2: If you’re not sick of talking about it…you haven’t talked about it enough

Reminding myself of this fact really allows me to check myself, because nine times out of 10, I haven’t talked about it enough.

It can be easy to put blame on external factors about why your videos aren’t taking off or why you don’t have many subscribers on your Youtube channel – but what you have to realize is that the more comfortable you become with talking about yourself and your offers, the more people are going to pay attention.

Show up for yourself

One of the biggest things you’ll learn from showing up for yourself is that you actually believe in the business that you are creating – and that you have confidence within yourself.

When you believe in what you’re sharing, you start to detach yourself from the outcome. So by the time you get to filming and start talking about your business and how you can help people, you trust the offers that you’ve created. You know what you’re putting out is going to make a difference and can actually help your audience.

So now the question is: How do you prevent yourself from feeling like you might annoy your audience?

👉🏻 You have to strike a balance between sharing value content for your videos, while also sharing how your audience can work with you – if and when they’re ready to take that next step. 

And, that “sleazy car salesman?” He’s gone for good!

Reminder #3: Always ask yourself, “How is this going to help my audience?”

This is an important question because it puts you in the mindset of talking about the things that actually matter to your audience vs you (the business owner).

Always come from a place of service

🚫 Don’t do this: “Hey, book XYZ with me because I want to make money in my business!”

👉🏼 Do this instead: “I can help you by doing XYZ. I can help you reach your goal and this is how we would do it. Here is the place to go and do that.“

In short, you have to come from a place of service for your audience – it really is the secret ingredient to talking about yourself and your services. When you approach it with generosity and care, there is no sleazy car salesmanship going on. There is no ill will, there is no boasting, there is no showing off…there is simply, “Hey, this is what I do so I can help you reach your goal and this is how it looks like.” 

Another thing to consider: When you are talking about yourself, you’re not really talking about yourself – you’re sharing a story to help your audience. Then, you’re going to share about how they can work with you, so that you actually can help them.

As with most things in life, it’s a lot easier said than done, I know. If you’re really struggling with this right now, don’t be too hard on yourself! It’s completely normal to go through a journey of becoming more comfortable with talking about yourself.

Keep reminding yourself to come from a place of service and you’ll be well on your way! For more weekly tips, subscribe to my Youtube channel and let me know if this topic resonated with you!

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