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How to Use Behind-the-Scenes Video Content

March 31, 2021


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It feels like everyone is telling you to use behind-the-scenes content in your business, right? But that’s easier said than done! So… How do you make behind-the-scenes content relevant? How do you make it interesting? Why does it even matter?

You’re in luck, because in this blog we’re going to talk about how you can use behind-the-scenes content to connect and convert your viewers.

How to use Behind The Scenes Content - - @victoria_levitan

Why behind-the-scenes content matters

Let’s address the elephant in the room first: why do behind-the-scenes content in the first place? First and foremost, this kind of content proves that you’re an actual human with an actual personality. 

You’re not just all about your business; you have interests and obligations and stuff outside of your work that you do. You take snack breaks. You prefer coffee over tea or vice versa. Basically, you’re a multifaceted, complex person! And that makes you more interesting. 

It may even entice people to work with you! So much of working with someone is connecting with them personally. Behind-the-scenes content can spark that connection with potential clients or customers. Someone may see your content and think, “Hey, I like that same book or movie! I, too, love coffee!” 

This person realizes that you both have similar interests or thought processes. They become more invested in your content and your business. Eventually, they strike up a conversation with you and BAM! You start working together professionally.

Now that we’ve covered the why, let’s talk about the what and the how of using behind-the-scenes content in your business.

Give a glimpse of how you work in your business

How do you prepare to meet or work with new clients? How do you package up a new product order to send out in the mail? What’s your office setup look like?

It’s really fun seeing what people’s desks look like, how their workday typically goes, or the steps involved in creating and sending things to customers. You may not think about all these little steps or tools or accessories since you’re surrounded by them everyday, but they make your business what it is!

Share your fave snacks

I don’t know what it is about seeing what people like to eat or drink, but I know I’m not the only one who enjoys that kind of content. I always have a cup of coffee nearby when I’m filming, so sometimes I’ll share an Instagram Story of my Nespresso coffee as I’m making it.

Prefer tea? Post a photo or quick video of you brewing your favorite type. Whipping up a snack during a break? Ask your audience if they’ve tried this food or what their favorite midday snack is. Sharing these little tidbits here and there forges connections with your viewers.

Post your routine before and after work

I like to read in the morning before I start working, so I may post my current book on Instagram Stories or share a passage I really enjoyed. After work I often sit outside on my deck, so you might see a quick video of my yard (and probably a squirrel running around—we have a lot in our neighborhood).

These stories explain what I do before and after work. How I enjoy my life and how I’m running my business. There are so many opportunities for creativity with this kind of content!

For example, we just renovated our basement, and because I want to start playing piano again, I’m buying a keyboard to put down there. I definitely plan to share pieces here and there of me playing the piano. It’s probably not gonna be very good to be honest, but I’m really excited to practice and start playing again. And I want to share that with my followers.

Share a bit about your family, friends, or pets

You don’t have to go all out and share every little detail about your family online. My husband is very private, so I may not show him on social media or in videos, but I do like to share when we’re going on vacation or going out or doing an activity together.

This type of behind-the-scenes content lets your audience know that you have people in your life outside of your business who are important to you. Your audience knows that you’re not all about work, and that will attract them to you.

Looking for more content ideas?

Try not to overthink this content. The point is to share behind-the-scenes videos of things you’re already doing. You’d be brewing coffee, grabbing a snack, or relaxing after the workday with your partner regardless of whether you’re filming it or not. These little nuggets will show viewers how you run your business, enjoy your life, and what they may expect when working with you.

For more content ideas, join the Videos for Creatives Community! My private Facebook group is a safe space to ask questions, toss ideas around, and get to know other members who are also creative entrepreneurs. If you want more support while creating videos for your business, then this community is for you!

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