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IGTV vs Youtube: Which One is Better?

June 17, 2019


I'm a video coach for small business owners and light up anytime I hear the word Youtube. Strategy is my superpower and I'm here to share all my nerdy insights with you!


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Whenever I talk with a client about creating video content for their business, I always get the question “But what about IGTV vs Youtube?”. There are many layers to this answer as they’re not one and the same. I’ll also preface by saying that I’ve only created one IGTV video so far for my personal instagram @viciloves (and I deleted it a few days later because I didn’t like it). I’ve yet to put in a lot of energy into IGTV and that’s purely because I’ve been focusing on Youtube and seeing the good results I get from it.

Youtube Helps Your Ranking in Google Search

That fact alone is why I highly encourage using Youtube for your business. Google owns Youtube and actually favors Youtube videos at the top in search results. Having videos on Youtube is great for your search engine optimization and discovery of new clients. As of this writing, IGTV videos are not SEO friendly and don’t come up in google search. While IGTV is great for entertaining and educating your existing Instagram following, it doesn’t carry the same weight as Youtube in terms of internet discovery and click through rates on to your website.

Instagram isn’t going anywhere

That being said, Instagram is arguably the most important platform to be on. Everyone has it, uses it, consumes it. Whether you already have a good amount of followers, or are looking to grow it, using all of Instagram’s features will certainly help you with the infamous algorithm. IGTV is also a great for community based videos. Videos that you’re creating for the people that are already following you and are fans of what you do. I see this with local businesses who may not be as concerned with their SEO as they want to attract local people coming into the shop. Or if you’re an influencer who already has a large following and are converting well on swipe-up affiliate links.

IGTV vs Youtube

If you’re just starting out with video content, it comes down to what your priorities are for your business. Do you want to increase SEO, boost your website traffic and be more discovered on the internet? Then Youtube is the clear answer. Do you have an engaged Instagram following, see a lot of traction from that and want to keep the momentum going? Would you feel more comfortable using it on a consistent basis? Then IGTV is the right move for you.

Ultimately, both platforms are important and shouldn’t be ignored. Once you start with one platform, it’s an easier transition to the other. Start with whichever makes more sense for your business and enjoy the process of creating videos!

What’s your take on IGTV vs Youtube? Please let me know in the comments or let me know on my Instagram @victorialevitan !

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