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My Youtube Filming Setup

April 9, 2021


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Have you ever wanted to go behind-the-scenes of a YouTube filming setup? If you said “nah, no thanks,” well….I don’t believe you! It’s always fun to see how our favorite forms of media are made.

And if you wanted to know what my filming setup is like, then I have a treat for you today. In this blog, I’ll walk you through my entire Youtube filming setup, from where I film to the equipment I use and more. For those of you who prefer visual walkthroughs, make sure you check out the video on my YouTube channel!

First up, my desk

Welcome to my office! The first thing you may notice when you step inside is that the room is kind of set at an angle. So, you enter the room at a diagonal, if that makes sense. 

My desk is where I get my work done, but also where I do my filming! I have a very fancy and advanced setup on my desk. Yes, I have my Joby tripod placed on three separate stacks of books to get the right height. Just keeping things real.

On my desk nearby you’ll find my memory card reader. I like to keep it handy, and I also don’t want to lose it. My phone tripod mount stays close, too. That way, if I’m doing an Instagram Live or other social media live event, I’ll use that with my Joby.

My go-to regular equipment and lighting

Step around my desk and you’ll come to my lighting equipment. I have two softboxes that I keep turned on while filming. They’re placed and angled so that when I’m filming at my desk, I have the best, most consistent lighting on me for my video.

Also on my desk is my Blue Yeti microphone. It does an amazing job picking up your voice. It’s my go-to for voiceover work, but also virtual meetings. Speaking of virtual meetings, my webcam is usually not far from my microphone since I use it every day.

P.S. I used my Canon G7 X Mark II to film this video!

Random tools and accessories

You will always find a cup of coffee on my desk when I’m about to film or currently filming. I can’t film or work without coffee, so consider it an essential tool in my filming setup!

You might also see my video script online on my desk, which I keep in a spiral bound notebook. I also use a Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. I love these planners because they’re minimal and so pretty.

While editing, I like to have headphones within my reach, plus my beloved external hard drive. I’ve basically laid everything out on my desk so that by the time I’ve finished my video, I can grab my memory card, plug it into my computer, and start editing ASAP.

Special equipment

I use most of my things mentioned so far on a weekly basis, but I also have other equipment that I use from time to time. If I feel like switching around my setup, I have options. Think of them as my “alternative YouTube filming setup.”

On a separate table in my office, I have the Canon EOS Rebel T6, which I’ve had for about four or five years, and still use today. I also have the RØDE VideoMic, which works really well when filming on a DSLR. The internal microphone on a DSLR camera isn’t always the best at picking up your voice, so I like having an external microphone to use.

Last but not least, I keep a Bluetooth remote handy, plus a few camera lenses and a spare battery on my table of special equipment. Like I mentioned in my filming and editing must-haves blog, I always have a spare charged battery ready to go.

I hope you enjoyed my filming setup tour! To find out the exact equipment or accessories I use, make sure you check out the YouTube video, as well as the description box where I link everything. 

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