Your business has an Instagram or Facebook page – and if you’re really into it, a twitter handle! So why should you also be on Youtube? Because of a little search engine called GOOGLE…

Now, I’m the first to admit that keeping up a social media calendar is hard work. The posting never ends and every week you’re stressing about what to post. I feel you.

I spoke about the power of video content in this blog post However! there’s another critical reason to consider posting on Youtube for your business:

Google FAVORS Youtube videos in organic searches.

Here’s an example: Type “Longchamp reviews” into Google. I know, random – but that Youtube video on the first page? That’s me! 🤗This video is 2 years old, almost 70’000 views, and is still one of my top-performing videos on my Viciloves channel.

This video didn’t pop up overnight on the first page. But it shows that Youtube videos are searchable in Google – and get prioritized at the top in search results. The videos you post on other social media platforms are NOT Google friendly.

So should you be on Youtube? That depends on if you want to boost your online search presence and grow your audience! Watch this video below where I dive deeper and expand on this question.

What’s holding you back from being on the platform? Comment below or shoot me a message on Instagram.