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5 Ways Your Business Benefits From YouTube

February 10, 2021


I'm a video coach for small business owners and light up anytime I hear the word Youtube. Strategy is my superpower and I'm here to share all my nerdy insights with you!


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“YouTube, SchmooTube. Just another social media platform I don’t need. How would it even help my business?”

Have you ever had this thought? Be honest! If you have, you’re not alone. When you’re a small business owner, you’re always weighing the pros and cons of a new strategy or tool that’s supposed to help you grow your business. 

Ways Your Business Benefits From Youtube

YouTube isn’t new to the game, but if you’ve never used it before, you may not know all the ways it truly can help you find customers, create content, and market your biz. Let’s talk about the top five ways your business benefits from YouTube videos.

Ways Your Business Benefits From Youtube - www.victorialevitan.com - @victoria_levitan

You’ll show up in Google Search

One of the most obvious reasons to start filming YouTube videos for your business? It’ll help you show up in Google Search. Not to get too into search engine optimization (SEO), but in a nutshell, better SEO means that your video shows up on the first page of Google Search results. That means more people find you online. 

(If you want to learn more about SEO, make sure you check out my video, “How to Grow Your Digital Footprint!”)

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar shop, an online business, or a mix of the two, you want to reach the largest audience you can, especially the people in your local community. A bigger reach will expose more people to your business and, well, get you more business.

Your content can reel in new customers

Fun fact: YouTube video content never dies. It’ll live on the internet forever until you remove it or make it private. Okay, that may sound a little scary, but it’s actually a good thing for your business!

Evergreen content, as we call it, will be available to anyone who comes across your videos through Google Search, your blog, your website, or wherever else you’ve promoted the video, no matter how old it is. A potential new customer can find you through any of your videos.

Even if you don’t continue to upload on YouTube, simply having that content live online is better than nothing. Personally, I know that I’ll benefit by consistently uploading a YouTube video once a week, compared to posting on other platforms three to five times a week.

You build a relationship with your audience

YouTube is a very visual platform. (Obviously!) You get to see me sit here, speak to you through the camera, and get a feel for what it would be like to chat in person over coffee or lunch. 

The great thing about YouTube is that you can build a trusting relationship with your audience. The more your fans watch you, the more they get to like you and feel like they know you. That’s how you grow your YouTube audience and build a community for your business.

You can promote yourself and your biz

You can promote yourself, your services, or your products in each video and each video’s description box. That’s why you should have a clear understanding of your business goals, so you can make the most of each video. Otherwise, you may be wasting its potential.

Whether you’re promoting a freebie to grow your email list or you’re recommending a product using your affiliate link, you have to take advantage of your description box. It’s something I always stress in coaching calls. Include links, resources, and details you mention in the video. You can promote different things and make money from whatever you list in your description box. 

You can repurpose content

Creating brand new content from scratch 24/7 can get exhausting! No one has time for that. The key here is to work smarter, not harder. And you do that by repurposing your content across your other social channels.

You might link your YouTube video on your website or embed it in a blog post. You can talk about it and link to it in an email newsletter, or create mini trailers for it on Instagram or Facebook. Using a YouTube video as your anchor piece of content lets you base other content around it and create a full schedule of content for all your platforms. 

Have you heard the exciting news?

I hope this quick list helped explain ways your business benefits from Youtube! If you’re ready to start creating videos for your business now, I have a free resource that can help walk you through the process. 

From February 15th through the 19th, I’m running a free 5-day challenge called Filming Videos That Convert! When you join this challenge, you’ll learn how to get started with video, create a consistent filming schedule, and align your videos with your biz goals…in just a few minutes a day.

Learn more about the Filming Videos That Convert Challenge and sign up today! 

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