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My #1 Trick If You’re Feeling Nervous Recording a Video

January 20, 2021


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Feeling nervous recording a video? It doesn’t matter if you’re filming your first video or your 100th video: it’s totally normal to feel a little bit nervous when you’re about to record! And you know what? That shows that you really care about what you’re creating. It’s a good thing.

Still, dealing with nerves before recording a video can throw you off your game. If you can’t seem to shake those nerves, check out my tips that will help you relax and feel confident.

What’s your drink of choice?

Coffee. Lots of coffee. That’s it, that’s the answer to shaking off nerves.

Kidding! I wish coffee was the answer to everything. But I do like to have at least one cup of coffee before I start filming so I can get in the zone and feel awake. 

I also like to have coffee next to me as I’m filming. It’s not all about that extra boost of caffeine, it’s also because I really enjoy coffee! So, I suggest that you have your favorite beverage next to you as you’re filming. Whether it’s hot tea, lemonade, or a pumpkin spice latte, your favorite drink will provide you comfort and help you relax.

Literally shake off your nerves

Ready for my #1 tip? (Told you it wasn’t coffee!)

Literally move your body and shake it off like our girl Taylor Swift says. 

When you’re feeling nervous about trying to record videos, think about all the tension that you are holding on to you within your own body. You might think I’m crazy, but as soon as you have moved your body and danced around to your favorite songs, you’ll notice how you’ve released all that tension!

Plus, you won’t take yourself as seriously anymore. Speaking from personal experience, I know that we all can get so in our heads about creating perfect videos that need to be beautifully shot, top-notch, and value-packed. But as soon as I move my body a little bit, I take myself less seriously. 

I’m more relaxed, in the moment, and truly ready to show up on camera. Dancing it out gets rid of those high expectations that I have set for myself. There’s not this super high bar that I need to reach. It’s just me in front of a camera, talking to you, and that’s it. 

Warm up those vocal cords

Here’s a bonus tip from my “How to Talk on Camera” video, where I share tips for boosting your confidence: warm up your voice.

We often stumble over our words while recording, or we’re more shy and quieter because our voices aren’t ready for all this talking. To have a strong voice on-camera, drink a glass of water or a hot beverage. Clear your throat. Prep your voice before you start recording, and it’ll also help you feel stronger and less nervous.

Follow these steps before your next filming

Let’s review what we’ve learned about getting rid of nerves before recording!

My number one tip is to literally shake your body. Put on your favorite song while you’re getting ready and dance it out. You’ll loosen up and get rid of any tension you’re feeling. 

Enjoy your favorite drink before you get started. You can also have a cup next to you while filming for extra comfort.

Finally, make sure that you have warmed up your voice so that you’re more prepared and less nervous to talk on-camera. Your voice will be stronger, smoother, and more confident.

I hope my tips help you feel less anxious the next time you record a video! If following a list of steps helps you prepare and ease your worries, then make sure you download my 5-Step YouTube Video Checklist. You’ll have everything you need to create and publish videos on YouTube!


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