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Selling in Layers with Content Marketing

October 28, 2021


I'm a video coach for small business owners and light up anytime I hear the word Youtube. Strategy is my superpower and I'm here to share all my nerdy insights with you!


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One of the biggest mistakes I see play out in the online business world is business owners underestimating the value of their own content. Whether you think you’re directly selling or not, maximizing and strategizing your content is key in making sales in your business. 

That’s why in this post, I’m going to introduce you to a new concept I’ve developed called, “Selling in Layers” and how it relates to your content. 

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First off…have you ever had a Mille-Feuille? In the states they call it a Napoleon pastry. If you have, then you know how delicious it is. And – that it’s full of layers! Starting with the pastry, working through the cream and making it to the beautiful glazed top. 

Aside from making you click the search on your Uber Eats app for a quick dessert delivery right about now, what does it have to do with content marketing?

Each piece of your content builds on one another. They’re all layers that support making sales in your business.

So, what are my top four do’s and don’ts on using these content layers in your business?

1. DO use videos as layers in your business

In my video accelerator program, we cover just that – using videos to layer in and build on your own existing content. I say this because a lot of the times I see business owners look at video content as something that isn’t worth it. They think it’s not for their industry or they’ve tried it once (or a handful of times), and it didn’t work. Maybe they felt it wasn’t resonating with their audience. 

The problem here lies in thinking that one piece of content is the end-all-be-all solution to their sales problem, or blaming it on an algorithm, time of day, or the current climate of the world. 

Here’s the thing – it’s easy to blame an outside factor. What you should really be doing instead is trying with another video and keep going before jumping ship! 

2. DON’T think that you’re not always selling

Let me explain…this is like the foundation of your layer cake. Because ultimately, when you think about selling in your business, your content helps support that selling. It is the foundation of which you sell upon. Meaning, any piece of content that you create in your business is selling something. 

Even if you don’t have a call to action in your video, you’re still selling brand awareness, exposure, a promise or transformation. This is an easy thing for people to dismiss or brush off, especially if they don’t feel like they’re seeing results from their content just yet.

3. DO reflect on your content, ask questions and nurture your audience

Take some time and ask:

✅ What can we do next week or month? 

✅ What can we change? 

✅ What worked? What didn’t work? 

✅ What can we expand on?

You are building an infrastructure with your content in order to strengthen the sales in your business so that when you do end up having a sales period, people will not be blindsided.

You’ve spent the time talking to them and nurturing them through your layers of content. So, when you open the cart of your program or course, or you launch your digital product shop…you have that foundation in place that really strengthens the actual sale.

4. DO use layers to build out your strategy

This concept of selling in layers is gold for building out a solid content strategy across all media. 

For example, when you think about building a house, you have to:

🔨 first, find the location

🔧 next, dig a hole

🪛 then, lay the foundation

🪚 and only then can you start adding the cinder blocks, drywall, heating insulation… 

DISCLAIMER: I don’t exactly know how to build a house, but I would imagine that THIS is somewhat the rough concept of it 🙆🏼‍♀️. 

So, when you are filming videos for your business, when you’re posting them on Youtube or Instagram, or sending them out to your email newsletter – you’re going to do all of these things to make your house more inviting to make people want to come over and stick around. 

I really want to encourage you to start thinking about your own content as selling in layers – even during times when you aren’t specifically selling something – especially when you’re not.

Your audience might not be aware of it and you might not be aware of it, but you are always selling something. Grasping this idea will really help you to think of your own content as selling in layers, building upon each other, piece by piece. 

And that’s a wrap! I hope that this concept of selling in layers will make you feel less overwhelmed and make you ease that pressure that you might have put on yourself with creating that one perfect video for your Youtube channel.

Be sure to leave me a comment below or head to my Youtube channel. I’ve never shared this concept publicly before, and I’d love to get your feedback on what this brought up for you! 

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