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When is the best time to upload on Youtube?

June 2, 2021


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So you’re ready to upload your freshly created video onto Youtube…but wait ✋🏼! When is the best time of day to do that? Should you upload it in the morning? In the afternoon or at night?

Is there a sweet spot that’s the best time to upload on Youtube? 

Well guess what? You’re not alone – this is one of my most frequently asked questions when I’m coaching students inside of my program! And the short answer is, there isn’t a short answer 😂, because different factors determine when the best time is for you to upload Youtube videos. 

Rather watch that read? Head on over to my Youtube channel where I break this all down for you!

Are you new to uploading on Youtube?

If you’re brand new to Youtube, or you just haven’t posted in a while and are looking to revive your channel, it doesn’t really matter what time you start uploading to Youtube! 

Why’s that? 🤔

Because you first need to start gathering data and analytics on your video content. Once you’ve got that, you can make a decision on when your best upload time is.

If you’re brand new to uploading videos, then Youtube won’t have any data on your content just yet. It has no way of knowing how it’s doing, with whom it’s performing well, or what type of audience you’re attracting with your video content. 

You first need to start uploading videos so that you can get that data, analyze it, and make timely decisions! 

How long does this usually take? 

After approximately 30-50 uploaded videos, you’ll start seeing good data come in on how those videos are performing. To view this, you’ll navigate to your creator studio analytics tab where your reports will be generated. Specifically (as shown below), you’ll be able to go to the audience tab, where there is a graphic that will show you when your viewers are on your channel.

In this example, I can see that Tuesdays at 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. would totally work.

Upload right before your viewer is on Youtube

Let me preface this by pointing out first, to always make sure you take time zones into account! With that being said, if you’re basing your upload on a timeframe as opposed to a set time, you could play around with uploading the video a little bit before the report data’s best time. That way, when your viewer actually gets to your channel, your video is already in their subscription tab and set to watch!

👉🏻 An important thing to note, though, is that the time that you choose to upload your videos to Youtube, is not going to make or break the performance of your video as a whole.

Youtube is ultimately a search engine

Even on their website in the analytics tab in the fine print, it says – “Publish time is not known to directly affect the long-term performance of a video.”  This is because Youtube is different from Instagram, where a feed post can lose its traction after 24 to 48 hours. This means that the longer a video is on Youtube, the better it can perform, simply due to its nature of being found in search over and over again.

Be available to promote your video

Immediate traction on your video is important to a certain extent because your video will get pushed further down into the Youtube algorithm and it will get suggested to other viewers. So really, the most important part in determining what time you want to upload your video, is making sure that you’re actually available to then promote the video when it goes live. 

For example, if you choose 11:00 a.m ET on a Tuesday, you want to make sure that you can then also go on Instagram at that time. Use your social media platforms to promote your new Youtube video that just went live, and encourage them to click and start watching the video immediately. 

Bottom line: Make sure you choose a time that works for your schedule, where you’ll have the bandwidth to promote it to your audience in real time. 

I hope this answers your questions on when the best time is to upload your Youtube videos! I’d love to hear what times you’ve found to work best, so be sure to leave a comment below 👇🏼. 

Then, head on over to my Youtube channel and hit subscribe because I put out a brand new video every week! 

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