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Women Entrepreneurs With Youtube Channels

March 11, 2021


I'm a video coach for small business owners and light up anytime I hear the word Youtube. Strategy is my superpower and I'm here to share all my nerdy insights with you!


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Did you know: I’ve been working with clients on their YouTube and video strategy for almost three years now and all of them have been women-owned businesses! Since we’re celebrating Women’s History Month and also International Women’s Day (March 8th), I wanted to share why I love supporting Women Entrepreneurs with their YouTube channels and video strategy.

I also want to highlight five women-owned business YouTube channels that I personally love watching here on the platform.

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Why I Support Women Entrepreneurs with Youtube Channels

From working with many different women-owned businesses across many different industries, I have noticed a common thread: women have a genuine desire to reach more people so that they can help them.

Sure they want to sell their service, product, or offering, but they come from a true place of wanting to serve people. I’ve also noted another trend: women also deal with the overwhelming side of figuring out YouTube and dealing with the technical side and figuring out camera settings.

Even for myself, when I started my business, I was intimidated by the Youtube video marketing space because it is a male-dominated space and there aren’t that many female Youtube channels, female entrepreneurs talking about how to utilize Youtube and video marketing in their business. So even I was intimidated going into this space and wanting to establish my own little corner here on YouTube. 

But what I truly believe in and why I support women-owned businesses with their video and Youtube strategy, is that the more women share their stories and experience, and knowledge, the more we positively impact our community. 

Helping women overcome their fears of video marketing

When I started my business and I was coming up with my business plan and my mission statement and my values and all these things, one thing that really stood out to me as I was journaling was that I really wanted to empower women to get on YouTube.

Because women do have something to say and they do have something to offer! YouTube is a place for women to share their stories and to share them on camera on video with your audience. I remember filming my first Youtube video and one of the things that I was really grappling with was “Who am I to film this video? Who am I to sit down and film this video and share it on YouTube?” 

And having gone through that experience, I never want another women-owned business to feel that way. That’s why I love supporting women-owned businesses with their YouTube and video strategies. With that said, I wanted to highlight five women-owned business Youtube channels that I love, that I watch religiously, I subscribe to them, and I love watching their videos. 

Some of my Favorite Women Entrepreneurs with Youtube Channels

Sara Dietschy

The first one is Sara Dietschy – rhymes with peachy. She is a tech Youtuber, but she does a whole bunch of different videos, but I just love her energy, I love the way she explains things, and obviously, I love her tech videos. I always look forward to seeing what she is up to. 

Ashlyn Writes

Next up I have Ashlyn Writes. She is a copywriter extraordinaire, a launch expert, I really admire the way that she runs her small business, I feel like it’s not even small anymore because she is such a well-oiled machine and her Youtube videos are incredible. 


Then I have muchelleb. I’ve been following her for years and years. She does a lot of organization videos, how to organize your life, mindset work, self-care. She has a really positive energy, a very soothing voice, and I just love watching her videos. 

Marie Forleo

I also want to give a shout out to Marie Forleo’s MarieTV channel, because she has had many opportunities in the past to turn her Youtube channel into a TV show, and she’s decided to stay the course of offering free Youtube episodes. I love watching her creative interviews with other people in the industry. And it’s just really motivating and inspiring to watch her videos. 

Allana Davison 

Of course I have to wrap things up with a beauty and lifestyle channel because that is where my heart lies. That is how I started my journey here on YouTube, with my personal channel. And that is Allana Davison from allanaramaa. 

She is not only incredible with makeup and beauty products but she’s also incredibly funny. She cracks a joke at herself. Her humor is everything that I ever wanted. I really enjoy watching her videos and catching up with her. So you should definitely check her out.

And that is a wrap on today’s video dedicated to International Women’s Day!

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