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5 Ways To Use Video In Your Business – WITHOUT Social Media

October 8, 2021


I'm a video coach for small business owners and light up anytime I hear the word Youtube. Strategy is my superpower and I'm here to share all my nerdy insights with you!


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…That time Facebook and Instagram went down for 6 hours, many people were scrambling because they didn’t know what to do with themselves! And I don’t just mean the general consumer…I mean businesses who rely on these social media platforms for reaching their customers. As business owners, we often put a lot of effort into these platforms, but the truth is that between the algorithm and the fact that you don’t actually have control over the content you post there, not exploring other ways to get your voice heard is impractical. 

Spoiler alert: this is not the first time social media has gone down

Rather watch that read? Head on over to my Youtube channel for all of my favorite non social media ways to use video in your business! 

Method #1: Youtube

Surprise, surprise 😂. 

Of course you might ask, “Hey Victoria, isn’t Youtube a social media platform?” 

As I’ve mentioned in this video, even though Youtube is perceived as a social media platform, it’s actually a very robust search engine! It’s no wonder it was the brainchild of Google. As such, this really helps cement your business in the Google search algorithm versus a social media platform that doesn’t really show up on Google.

It is important to remember though that Youtube is a long game strategy, but definitely a worthwhile one when it comes to ROI. And when Facebook or Instagram do go down again, you still have other content out there that people can search for and potentially become your customers.

Method #2: Link videos in your blogs and on your website

Once you’ve got your videos on rinse and repeat with Youtube, the next step is to make sure you incorporate backlinks directly on your web pages. Using these two methods together, really strengthens the trust that Google has within you. 

So if you have a website or blog, I highly recommend linking a couple of your videos on your website so that customers can watch those videos right then and there, and be able to contact you if they decide to continue on their customer journey. 

Remember, this is the content that YOU own!

Method #3: In your emails

Speaking of owning your own content, your email is a great place to incorporate video, too! However often you’re communicating with your list (weekly, monthly, etc.), you can embed a video right inside of a newsletter and deliver it right to your customer’s inbox. It’s definitely a great thing to test! I personally think sometimes it’s nice to get a different form of media in an email newsletter – it spices things up and can revive your audience. If you’re on my email list (which, you totally should be), then you won’t be so surprised to get something similar from me in the near future 😉.

Method #4: Part of your paid offers 

If you have an online membership or an online course, using video as part of your educational content is a great idea. If you have a workshop that you want to sell, you can also pre-record your video and put that on an online platform that way. This is a really simple but effective way to monetize videos. 

For example, as part of my coaching program, the video accelerator, I have step-by-step training videos that I prerecorded and then uploaded into an online portal. Students only get access to them if they’re part of the coaching program. This is a way that I use video in my business that’s more exclusive because it’s not available to the general public. 

Regardless of what industry you’re in, can you prer-ecord anything and then offer that video as part of your paid offering?

Method #5: Part of your sales process 

This last one might surprise you, but using video as part of your sales process can be really powerful! Adding video to this aspect of your client experience, shows that you’ve taken that extra time and put in additional effort. 

I personally love doing this. 

If you have emailed with me, chances are, you have received a personal video message back. Obviously I’m a video coach, so I love using video in all sorts of ways. But I know several other business owners in different industries who use video as part of their sales process too. They have found great success with it because it humanizes the online sales experience and helps troubleshoot any lost in translation moments that often come up with written responses. 

Also, sometimes it’s just easier to hit record and talk into a camera, send it to the client, and call it a day! 

I don’t use video every single time in my sales process, but I certainly use it when it’s warranted – especially when it’s just easier for me to talk into the camera versus writing out a lengthy email.

Think about where you could integrate video as part of your sales process the next time a potential customer reaches out with a question. You might opt to send them a video and explain how it is that you would work with them and what that would look like, and it might just be the final selling point that converts them into a loyal customer!

And that’s a wrap on the 5 spots you can use video in your business! If you take away one thing from these tips, just remember: Owning your own content is key and you can use video in lots of places that have nothing to do with social media. Have any questions? Let me know in the comments below! And if you’re looking to start or revive your Youtube channel, download my FREE Youtube Jumpstart Guide and let’s get you set up within the hour!

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