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How To Film Profitable Videos

September 29, 2021


I'm a video coach for small business owners and light up anytime I hear the word Youtube. Strategy is my superpower and I'm here to share all my nerdy insights with you!


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Have you ever thought about how inundated we are with videos these days? They’re on social media, on websites, on blogs…there’s even a video of this post 😉. Videos are everywhere! And it’s safe to say that they aren’t going anywhere, either. 

Videos have become such a normal way of communicating with your customers – sharing tips,  knowledge, experiences and just entertaining people. 

It’s becoming increasingly important in the way that we show up in our businesses.

So, how do you create profitable videos in your business? 

Rather watch that read? Head on over to my Youtube channel and see me in action! 

Plan and strategize with clarity.

I’m not talking about equipment here, although that is definitely important as well (you can see the must-haves I generally recommend, here). 

When I talk about creating profitable videos, I’m speaking specifically to what you actually need to do to move the needle in your business. Having the clarity on where you want to take your business will show through in your core message with conviction.

The fact of the matter is, when you feel like you are actually filming something that is worthwhile, you get a sense of fulfillment that you’re providing valuable content to your audience.

The problem lies when you have a lack of direction, and it’s what causes people to resent creating content for their business in the first place. This happens across the board – not just with videos. These feelings can spillover to blog posts, Instagram, Facebook or email marketing, too. The first step in realizing this is just being honest with yourself.

So, how do you gain that sense of direction?

Start by asking yourself: 

Am I on the right track with my content?

Should I be pivoting in a different direction? 

Why am I posting this video in the first place?

Because I have been there. I have resented Instagram at times. I’ve even resented my own Youtube channel because I didn’t have a clear sense of direction. And this is coming from someone who LOVES Youtube!

Once you figure out why you’re doing what you’re doing, you can… 

Execute with confidence! 

As soon as I gained clarity on where I wanted to take my business, it became so much easier to create profitable videos because I know exactly how to relate them back to my business.

When you have the clarity, you have the direction, and you have the confidence.

You are no longer trying to follow someone else’s business model because you’re on your own path, executing on your own vision. And
that’s really the secret to creating profitable videos! 

Here’s the big take-away:

Stop recording on a whim, because you think that’s what everyone else is doing. Use your clear vision to allow yourself to film videos that will get your next customer.

If you need help figuring out your own video path and want a clear, strategic plan for your business, I hope you’ll join me in my video accelerator program. I teach about the frameworks involved in a successful video strategy, as well as figuring out your “why” and outlining your goals to get where you want to go, getting your next customer! Get ready for step-by-step trainings, hands-on coaching, and accountability. I hope to see you in the program

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