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Not Sure What To Say In Your Youtube Outro?

May 19, 2021


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You’ve been working hard, filming the main content of your video and delivering tons of value to your audience – I see you! But as you’re wrapping up your video, you realize: You don’t know what to say in your Youtube outro 😬. 

In case you’re not sure what a Youtube outro is, it is essentially the opposite of your introduction – an outroduction, if you will (is that even a real word?).

Basically, the outro is the thing you say at the end…

“Hey, if you enjoyed this video, make sure you click down below.” OR “Subscribe to the button.” OR “Hit the notification bell.” OR “Leave me a comment.” OR “Subscribe to my newsletter.” 

Want to see a Youtube outro in action? Head on over to my Youtube channel!

So, what should you include in your outro?

A Call-To-Action

…Or what’s commonly referred to as “the CTA”. And you can actually have several CTAs! I would recommend starting out with just one or two Call-To-Actions because you don’t want to overwhelm your audience.

However, as you start to build more momentum and grow your audience on Youtube, you can include more Call-To-Actions in each video. A good indicator is seeing if your viewers are following through on any of your CTAs. If not, chances are it’s time to trim down on what you ask them to do.

Why do we want Call-To-Actions in our YouTube outros?

Because we want to tell our viewers where to go next. As they reach the end of your video, we want them to continue on their journey, consuming more of your content, or redirecting them somewhere else where you’re hanging out. 

Do you want them to:

✔️ Watch another video of yours? 

✔️ Subscribe to the channel and leave a comment?

✔️Sign up for a free resource that you have linked down below in the description box?

Whatever you decide…

Be clear, descriptive, and prompt engagement.

You want to be very specific about what you want your audience to do following your Youtube outro, and you want it to be very simple to increase their follow-through. That’s also why I don’t like to give too many Call-To-Actions because I want it to be as simple as possible for the viewer to understand. 

 🎥 “Subscribe down below to my channel.” 

🎥 “Click the red button.” 

In a lot of videos, I point downwards when I say, “Click the link down below,” or I point to the left and say, “Click up here to watch the following video,” (with a Youtube card prompting them). You really want to direct people as much as possible because that is key for them to follow through. 

The conversion-oriented CTA.

This type of CTA is more about signing up for the free resource down in the description box below because you’re looking to grow your email list. You can also direct viewers to click on a sales page to learn more about your paid offerings and services. And of course, there is always the affiliate link option if you have an affiliate program you’d like to redirect people to.

Which CTA makes sense for each video?

It really depends! You can obviously mix them up to match the context of each video, and coincide with whatever you are promoting at the time. For example, if I’m talking about how you can upload videos to Youtube, I might want to have a Call-To-Action in my outro saying, “Hey, I have a Youtube video checklist that you can download. Click down below in the description box and it will be sent to your inbox.” 

Practicing what to say in your Youtube outro.

Filming outros might feel awkward in the beginning, especially when you’re using hand motions to point below or above, but it does become second nature the more you do it! Want to see how I close out my latest video outro? Check it out right here

Need help working through an outro option? Be sure to leave a comment below 👇🏼. Make sure you are subscribed to my Youtube channel because I put out a brand new video every week!

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