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Podcast vs. Youtube: Which should you start?

As a video marketing coach I help business owners with video content, coaching them how to use it to get more customers. And because we often talk about Youtube, I get this question a lot:  “Victoria, should I start a Youtube channel or a podcast?”  And my answer usually surprises them! The truth is, I’m […]

Behind The Business


Should you be on Youtube?

Youtube Strategy

My #1 trick if you're feeling nervous on camera

Video Marketing

What I've Learned From Creating Youtube Videos


Investing in Professional Branding

Behind the business

When you’re thinking about starting a Youtube channel (or if you’ve already got one up and running), there’s always one question that pops up eventually: “How do you make money on Youtube?” That’s a great question because there are three different monetization strategies. I’m going to walk you through each of them so you know […]

3 Ways to Make Money On Youtube: Monetization strategies for business accounts

Youtube Strategy

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How To Start Filming Videos For Your Business - - @victoria_levitan

Having a human element to your business, and showing who’s running it behind the scenes, is crucial in attracting new clients. After all, nobody wants to work with a stranger! Whether you’re an on – or offline business, video marketing provides the perfect avenue to connect and create a relationship with potential clients.

How To Start Filming Videos For Your Business

Video Marketing

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