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4 Ways To Create Instagram Videos For Your Business

Video content is taking over Instagram. And whether you have an active account or are just starting out, there are a lot of ways to create – and use – Instagram videos as part of your marketing strategy. I’m going to break down the 4 major categories so you can decide how you want to […]

Video Marketing


Should you be on Youtube?

Youtube Strategy

My #1 trick if you're feeling nervous on camera

Video Marketing

What I've Learned From Creating Youtube Videos


Investing in Professional Branding

Behind the business

With plenty of social media options out there (such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), it’s no wonder people ask if Youtube is in fact a social media platform… Youtube works very differently from other social media platforms, partly because it’s also considered a search engine! So while it’s technically a social media platform, it’s very different […]

Is Youtube a Social Media Platform?

Youtube Strategy

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