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How to save your videos from falling flat

No beating around the bush here – the way to save your videos from falling flat is simple: MESSAGING.According to trusty Google, the word “messaging” means this: “Messaging is how a business communicates to its customers and highlights the value of its products.” What does this actually mean? Well, to put this in perspective in […]

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Should you be on Youtube?

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My #1 trick if you're feeling nervous on camera

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How To Prepare For Youtube Videos - - @victoria_levitan

Did reading this title make you a little uncomfortable? You wouldn’t be the only one. Just the thought of filming a Youtube video can have that effect on people. Heck, I still get nervous when I sit down to film! But the one thing that’s made the biggest difference? Preparation.

How To Prepare For Youtube Videos

Youtube Strategy

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Things You Need To Film A Video - - @victorialevitan1

Let me guess: One of the things holding you back from filming videos is having the PERFECT equipment. The right camera, tripod, an “expensive” software – you name it. I gave you a break down of how to get started in this post and today we’ll talk about what you need to film videos.

3 Things You Need to Film Videos


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