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3 Tips On How To Get More Views on Youtube

When it comes to analyzing the success of your video, views aren’t as important as your watch time. But we still want to get a good amount of views on your video. After all, we need people to watch and get to know you! So, what’s the secret sauce to increasing those views on your […]

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Should you be on Youtube?

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My #1 trick if you're feeling nervous on camera

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What I've Learned From Creating Youtube Videos


Investing in Professional Branding

Behind the business

Video Marketing Strategy For Small Business - - @victoria_levitan

I started watching Youtube my freshman year in college, July 2009. I’d been scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw that one of my friends was following this “Youtuber” fan page. I clicked on her channel and immediately got sucked into the rabbit hole of makeup videos. Little did I know it would lead me down this journey of starting my own video marketing business.

Why I Started: Video Marketing Strategy For Small Business

Video Marketing

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