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How To Connect With Your Audience Through Video – Podcast Episode!

Show up as you are. Let your personality shine. These are all things easier said than done when it comes to being on camera. It’s a vulnerable experience putting yourself out there, recording yourself on video for everyone to see. I know that because I’ve been there. And am still sometimes there today!

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Should you be on Youtube?

Youtube Strategy

My #1 trick if you're feeling nervous on camera

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What I've Learned From Creating Youtube Videos


Investing in Professional Branding

Behind the business

How To Start Filming Videos For Your Business - - @victoria_levitan

Having a human element to your business, and showing who’s running it behind the scenes, is crucial in attracting new clients. After all, nobody wants to work with a stranger! Whether you’re an on – or offline business, video marketing provides the perfect avenue to connect and create a relationship with potential clients.

How To Start Filming Videos For Your Business

Video Marketing

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Video Marketing Strategy For Small Business - - @victoria_levitan

I started watching Youtube my freshman year in college, July 2009. I’d been scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw that one of my friends was following this “Youtuber” fan page. I clicked on her channel and immediately got sucked into the rabbit hole of makeup videos. Little did I know it would lead me down this journey of starting my own video marketing business.

Why I Started: Video Marketing Strategy For Small Business

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